MUG—”Wyatt Earp” Coffee Mug. Great condition, no chips.

Item# 174C

Price: $35.00

GLASS—Milk glass “Hop-a-Long Cassidy”, one Breakfast Milk                               Glass, one Lunch Milk Glass in great condition, no chips. Book                     listed @ $350.00—$400.00 each

Item# 164C   (Item# 165M “Breakfast Glass” has been sold)

Price: $54.00 each  

TOY—Train Engine—HO Scale, Florida East Coast by AHM,                 runs good and in excellent condition.

Item# LT—103C

Price $45.00


TOY—Train—Switcher—HO Scale, 0-4-0, from the early                 1960’s,  in great condition.

Item# 128C 

Price $30.00


NIGHT LIGHT - Hop-A-Long Cassidy—Aladdin  - One of a                 kind. Made of glass with molded wording of “Hoppy”                 above the Hop-A-Long Cassidy logo. In excellent                 condition, colors are still brilliant and it still works with                 original wiring and plug. .

Item# 1303C 

Price $275.00 New Low Price


DOLL—Shirley Temple Lithograph with 7 clothes changes

Item# 1264T 

Price $110.00


McGREGOR—Smoking mechanical manA RARE FIND!

                A battery operated toy. Battery terminals are rusted so,                 do not know if it still works. Exterior finish and                 appearance are in great condition with the exception of                 his left hand and cane which has separated.  

Item# 658C

Price $80.00